Grading Rubric
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ViewPoint Christian Academy has established a rubric with basic criteria for all written submission in Ignitia. This rubric is also useful for those utilizing our paper-based curriculum. These general guidelines world in conjunction with the specified guidelines for each individual assignment. Parents and students should reference this regularly for written assignments to maximize their final grade.

Grading Rubric for Ignitia Written Assignments (may need to be viewed in landscape mode on some devices.)

Area of evaluationDescription/Questions for analysisPossible PointsEarned Points
Meets RequirementsDid the student answer the specific question? Does the writing adequately address the required topic?30
Length (if applicable)Does the written response meet the stated length criteria?10
ContentIs the content original (students own words and not copied)? Does it show a logical flow/sequence? (Take into consideration student’s age, grade, and any outlying factors specific to the student, i.e., diagnosed learning difficulties.)30
SpellingDid the student spell correctly? Do not be afraid to reassign an essay question so the student can correct spelling.10
Syntax/GrammarIs the first word of each sentence capitalized? Is proper punctuation utilized? Is the tense consistent throughout the writing?10
References (if applicable)Is credit given to any outside resources utilized? For instance, if the student researched for a project at a website or used a reference book then they should list them in a bibliography. This will apply, particularly, to projects.10

Total Possible Points100
*Remember that a 100% is required on lessons so questions must be corrected to receive full points
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