Pastor Nelson Varghese, Jr.

Pastor Varghese is a man of God. He is a pastor’s kid and serves as the associate pastor of ViewPoint Christian Church.  He attended Faith Bible College International and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Valley Forge University.

Pastor Varghese is a missionary to Massachusetts from India. Pastor Varghese ministers to the students of ViewPoint Christian Academy on a daily basis. His heart for the Lord and ministry is a blessing to all ViewPoint families.


Mrs. Barbara Rondeau – Reading Specialist

Mrs. Rondeau has been a faithful teacher at ViewPoint since 1993. In that time she has taught scores of students in dozens of Kindergarten classes how to read. Mrs. Rondeau now brings this experience to ViewPoint families. Her experience and willingness to help families with their young readers is a tremendous help. Also, Mrs. Rondeau is a phenomenal storyteller shares this storytelling skill with young readers on ViewPoint’s Youtube page.


Mr. Dennis Michaud – Registrar & Teacher

Mr. Michaud has worked in the ministry of Christian education for more than 30 years.  Throughout his ministry he has served as a children’s evangelist, a children’s  pastor, both principal and supervisor in learning centers at Christian schools as well as teaching children’s ministry at his Alma Matta, Faith School of Theology.  Mr. Michaud holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Theology with a minor in Christian education and another in Christian Education. For the past several years he has run a tutoring business along with his wife, Cindy.  Serving Viewpoint Christian Academy through our online programs works well for him as he and Cindy live in Maine for half of the year and in Maryland for the other half.


Mrs. Cynthia Michaud – High School Counselor and Language Arts Teacher

Mrs. Cynthia Michaud brings with her 35 years of Christian Education experience. Serving as a part-time staff member, she provides counsel regarding graduation requirements and oversees the Langauge Arts department. 

Fantastic Friday Coordinators

Mrs. Nicole Powers and Mrs. Crystal Burlingame serve as the Fantastic Friday coordinators for ViewPoint’s weekly co-op gathering. 


Adam Rondeau

Dr. Adam Rondeau – Volunteer Administrator

During the 23/24 academic year Dr. Rondeau is assisting ViewPoint in a volunteer adminstratie role as it transitions leadership.

Dr. Rondeau is committed to discipling the generations for Christ. He has dedicated himself to providing and promoting Christian education for over two decades. He is an author, youth speaker, and preacher. He has served as a Christian school consultant, particularly in the Northeastern United States. He is also a founding member of Global Christian Educators Association, a ministry that seeks to assist Christian schools and homeschool by providing consultation, resources, and sponsoring events that equip students, parents and teachers for success in their Christian education endeavors.

Dr. Rondeau holds a B.A. in Christian education, an M.A. in theology and a Ph.D. in Executive Christian Leadership. During his 23 year tenure at ViewPoint he has led the academy to accreditation and implemented technological advancements that allow ViewPoint to now offer it’s quality educational program to families in their own homes.