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Benefits of a ViewPoint Education
  • Learning is the constant; time and place are the variables.
  • A consistent scope & sequence K-12 that ensures students total learning and minimizing of gaps.
  • Flexibility of online, paper-based or both.

ViewPoint Christian Academy is committed to a Christian Patriotic Worldview. We seek to remain faithful to the accurate representation of the Judeo-Christian American heritage and seek to inspire patriotism within our students.

ViewPoint recognizes and appreciates your commitment to the United States of America. Your dedication and sacrifice, along with the sacrifices of your family are noticed and honorable. 

Frequent relocation is a reality of military service that can create inconsistencies and uncertainties for students. Military families know that every school district is different and that their children often face unnecessary struggles and learning gaps as a result. Even when parents are diligent ,taking  a strong leadership role in their children’s education,they can still face frustrations in these areas.

ViewPoint desires to help empower your family with a high-quality,Christian education program that can meet your needs, going with you anywhere you go. Your children deserve the best education possible and we can help you provide that no matter where your faithful service takes you.

The programs at ViewPoint make  learning the constant for the student and relegates time and space as a variable. Learning does not need to be lost if the family has to move in the middle of the school year. Our individualized, and mastery-based approach allows the child’s education to continue without skipping a beat.

Contact ViewPoint today to see how we can help you meet your family’s Christian education goals!

Active duty families receive 10% tuition discount for all students.


2022/2023 Military Rates
  •  Family fees of $300.
  • Tuition fees are discounted by 10% from our already affordable rates. 

Scope & Sequence

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