Southbridge Hybrid Campus

Hybrid School Program

In the fall of 2024, ViewPoint Christian Academy will be launching a new hybrid on-campus program at ViewPoint Christian Academy. ViewPoint’s student body extends around the country through our Distance Learning Program. The academy has been headquartered at ViewPoint Christian Church in Southbridge, Massachusetts since its inception and until 2020 was primarily a campus-based school. 

After four years of focusing on building our Distance Learning Program, the church is once again going to open the doors for students to have an on-campus opportunity.

Why a hybrid program?

ViewPoint has demonstrated that our program is not limited by time or space but many families desire some of the benefits of a school environment and would like the assistance of teachers in reaching their goals. A hybrid program allows families to have the best of both the homeschooling and in-school experience.

What will the hybrid program look like?

ViewPoint’s hybrid school program will run for 36 weeks (with a 37th week for students not yet completed their work) and will be based on a three-day in-person (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and a two-day homeschool (Tuesday and Thursday) schedule.

Monday and Wednesday’s in-person days will focus on assisting the student and helping them establish goals and priorities for the week so that the students are able to complete their at-home requirements with relative ease. 

Our Fantastic Friday program will provide extra-curricular classes and opportunities for the students to discover and develop talents and abilities, participate in field trips, etc.  It may also serve as an extra workday for those students that need greater attention and motivation. Homeschooling families not enrolled in the hybrid program may also participate.

What grades will be offered?

ViewPoint is offering this program for grades K-8.

What will the hybrid program cost?

The cost for the hybrid program is $3,000.00 * per student. A 10% discount is offered for additional children ($2,700.00 *). We offer the following tuition payment options for automatic withdrawal*:

  • Pay in full by July 15, 2022 or
  • Pay ½ annual tuition by July 15, 2022 and the remainder by January 15, 2022 or
  • Pay ¼ annual tuition by 15th of July, October, January and April or
  • Pay 10 payments from July to April due on the 15th of each month.

* Transient Fee

Limited Space Available. Apply Now!

*Automatic bank withdrawal plan. All ACH (direct bank account transfer) payments will be assessed a $.75 convenience fee per transaction. All credit card payments will be assessed a 3% convenience fee.

Hybrid Program Calendar

The following is a basic schedule of the 2023/2024 hybrid program in Southbridge. (Schedule is subject to change.)

Start Week: August 26th

Holidays: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, MLK, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day

Thanksgiving Break: November 25-29

Christmas Break: December 20-29

Spring Break: April 17-21

Final Week: May 29 – June 2

Bonus Week: June 5-9

Hybrid Program Uniform

School uniforms are to be worn on Monday and Wednesday.  When the weather becomes frigid, students should come prepared with their uniform sweater, or sweatshirt. 

Girls:  Girls will wear black, navy, or beige (kaki) pants or knee-length skirt or shorts, and a burgundy polo shirt with the school logo.  

Boys: Boys will wear black, navy, or beige (kaki) pants or knee-length shorts and a burgundy polo shirt with the school logo. 

Shop at French Toast and search for ViewPoint Christian Academy for all your uniform needs. For great sweatshirt designs check out ViewPoint’s Apparel Now storeSee hybrid program handbook addendum (coming soon) for more information.