Academic Analysis Service

A grade number doesn’t tell a parent what their child knows. Sadly, many students are moved along in conventional classroom settings regardless of content mastery or competency. COVID has exacerbated this situation and status for many students and has resulted in multiple learning gaps and confusion about the actual academic grade level for many.

Are you considering transitioning out of public school and into homeschooling, but not sure where to place your child for optimal success and learning? ViewPoint’s academic analysis can provide a comprehensive overview of strengths and weaknesses that will empower you to meet your child’s unique needs.

COST: $99

For $99 ViewPoint Christian Academy will provide you with access to their online placement testing. You and your child will then have up to two weeks to complete the testing which may be accessed at your convenience. The testing will reveal your child’s learning level in math, language arts, and reading and comprehension. Once the testing is completed our experienced teachers will analyze the results. We will then provide a report that demonstrates your child’s grade level equivalency and any learning gaps discovered. This testing is ideal for grades 3-8 and can be very invaluable in helping parents place their child in the correct level of curriculum.

It could be FREE!

If you decide to enroll your child in one of ViewPoint Christian Academy’s programs then we will credit the cost of this diagnostic testing toward your child’s tuition and fees for that school year.

*This analysis is limited strictly to an assessment of students learning. It does not screen for learning disabilities. It is narrowly focused on discovering learning gaps and determining placement level as compared to Viewpoint’s comprehensive scope and sequences.

Scope & Sequence

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