Booklet Program

ViewPoint offers a paper booklet curriculum. This is the only option available for students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Our online curriculum is recommended and preferred for grades 3 and above. We do understand that a paper format may be necessary or preferred by some families and are able to accommodate this.

Students enrolled in this option will be issued self-instructional curriculum booklets. These booklets will be completed within a prescribed period of time and mastery of materials will be certified by a minimum test grade of 80%. Parents will function as the supervisor of academic progress and quality for the student.

Annual tuition for this program is between $525 and $735 and includes all curriculum. Family fees include: Administrative ($200) and Technology ($100).


ViewPoint’s Kindergarten program utilizes the ABC’s with Ace and Christi program. This phonetics-based curriculum teaches reading and beginning math skills through stories, songs, and other activities. Scripture and character training are infused into the framework of this curriculum. ViewPoint’s Kindergarten is a learn-to-read program and the main objective is to train the student with the basic skills necessary to demonstrate simple phonetic reading.

1st Grade and Beyond

ViewPoint’s booklet program for students in grades 1-12 will consist of at least 5 core subjects. Since ViewPoint adheres to the principle of individualization in education the minimum requirements for each student may vary, but it is expected that students will successfully complete a minimum of 50 or 60 booklets per year.

The Benefits of Individualization

An individualized program will allow students, who are able, to excel to their full potential. It is possible that students enrolled in our booklet program will be able to complete more than one full year’s work in a given academic year. Students will be allowed to continue and progress only after all tuition and fees are paid in full. 

Parents and responsible adults supervising the academic progress of students will be required to complete ViewPoint’s training program receive a certificate of completion by ViewPoint. ViewPoint will provide the curriculum, training, accountability, academic support, and record-keeping that will give your family the framework it needs to successfully school from home.

This program includes:
  • Professionally maintained academic records
  • A full scope and sequence that ensures educational competency
  • Diagnostic and Placement services
  • Full core curriculum provided
  • Kindergarten and High School graduation ceremonies
  • K-8 Academic Advisor
  • Email/Phone support