Educational Philosophy

ViewPoint utilizes curricula that are BIBLE-BASED and that follow the philosophy of INDIVIDUALIZATION and MASTERY.  This is a fresh and revolutionary approach to education.       

   The student is diagnosed and assigned an individual education plan that is suited to their specific needs.  It is not based on age or chronological grade, but to the individual.  The plan is then assigned to the student in daily, attainable goals.  Attainable goals will facilitate the student’s continued progress and success.
   The curricula is designed for students to master incremental learning skills.  Successful comprehension of the educational material, not time passing or student age, is the determining factor for progression to the next level.

Five Laws of Learning

  • Students must be at subject levels where they can perform.   
  • Students must set reasonable goals.  
  • Students must be controlled and motivated.  
  • Learning must be measurable.  
  • Learning must be rewarded.