Just the Online Curriculum Please

For those seeking to utilize a Christian online curriculum, but do not wish to enroll in a school or program, ViewPoint has solutions available.

Purchase a license with curriculum access (including core curriculum: Math, Language Arts, Science, History & Geography, Bible and scores of electives). The curriculum provided is produced by Alpha Omega Publications and is available for grades 3-12. Click here for a list of subjects available and their scope and sequence. You will also have access to any courses developed and implemented by ViewPoint Christian Academy.

All courses utilized will be automatically scheduled to the student in a 4-day work week and will be based on ViewPoint’s academic calendar. However, the individual users are not bound by the scheduling.

Licenses are subscription based and are valid for one year from date of purchase. Licences may be renewed annually or temporarily extended for a cost.

  • Individual Student License: $350.00

Co-op or pod bulk options

  • 5 or more full student licenses: $300.00 each
    • Half-year only (Jan.- May/June): $200 each
  • 50 or more full student licenses $250.00 each
    • Half-year only (Jan-May/June): $175.00

Advantages of bulk licensing program.

  • Ability to share learning responsibilities.
  • Customize your teacher assignments in limitless combinations. For example: 
    • Have a math specialist overseeing student progress in Math.
    • Have a language specialist for students taking foreign language classes.
    • Have one individual oversee a grade level (i.e., one parent for 3rd grade, another for 9th grade, etc.)
  • Customize assignment requirements.

*The purchase of a license provides only curriculum access. No record-keeping, grading services, teacher assistance, training, or any other service is included. Purchase of license does NOT enroll a child in ViewPoint Christian Academy and does not include any of the benefits of enrollment.

Obtain a license now

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