Mix & Match Program

ViewPoint’s commitment to individualization in education precludes us from mandating a cookie-cutter program for any of our students. Our learning objectives and requirements are standardized, but our methods are flexible. We realize that some students do very well in our online program, while others excel in a paper-based format.

But some may benefit the most from a “best-of-both-worlds” approach with a mix of online and paper-based curriculum. We can accommodate this.

  1. Perhaps a family wants to do the paper-based program, but also wants their children to be rehearsed in using an online learning method. They can do that. 
  2. Perhaps they just want to add teacher-assisted math for extra support. We can handle that. 
  3. Maybe the appeal of the video-based labs available in our Science curriculum is something they want to take advantage of but remain paper-based for the other subjects. We can also handle that. 


Mix & Match Tuition and Fee Structure:

The mix & match fee structure will start with the basic fee and tuition structure of our paper-based programs with the following options:

  • Online parent-led for subjects of choice – $125.00 additional
  • Teacher-assisted subjects* 
    • Elementary – $115.00 per subject
    • Middle School – $160.00 per subject
    • High School – $210.00 per subject 

Contact an academic advisor at ViewPoint for more details and to get started in our mix & match program.


*In teacher assisted subjects our highly qualified and caring teachers will handle all the responsibilities for scoring of any essay questions, projects, and reports. 
Students enrolled in this program will have access to teachers through our built-in messaging system and may request help on specific questions
or send a message about a general topic. Our teachers will respond within 24 hours during school days. Our teachers will daily monitor the
progress of students and will directly contact parents with any concerns. Our online teachers are not tutors and parents will still need to
oversee their children as they complete their assignments and can do so with the assurance that they have the added support of our fantastic