Start a Learning Center/Pod/Co-Op

Church Collaborations as Learning Centers

Churches that seek to facilitate opportunities for cooperative learning but are not desiring to establish a school may establish a learning center. Also, churches desiring to start a school in the future but are in need of a transitory option to bridge between the present and the time that the school is able to launch may consider establishing a learning center.

Learning centers function similarly to learning pods in that it is a collaboration of families, but within the church building. The church is not a school and is therefore not prescribing or assigning curriculum, but is instead hosting families that are enrolled in virtual or homeschool based learning programs. This can provide opportunities for families that require support during daytime hours in order to provide their children with a Christian education.

ViewPoint’s distance learning program is ideally equipped for this scenario. Here are some considerations for churches seeking to establish a Learning Center for their congregations.

Christian Academic Coaches:

Function: To assist children in their Christian education through one-on-one discipleship and provide oversight and motivation for academic progress throughout the daily routine.

  • Parents are ALWAYS the primary academic coach and ViewPoint’s relationship is individually with each parent. Parent’s may delegate their responsibilities, but are ultimately responsible for their child.
  • Centers may establish assistant coaches for students to provide motivation and oversight during times of cooperative learning.
    • Recommendation of basic requirements:
      • Good reputation within and without the church
      • Proper temperament for working with youth
      • Clean background check
      • Individuals that are able to maintain a schedule and order

Because ViewPoint uses an individualized master-based and self-instructional program coaches are not considered the student’s “teachers” and the church is not considered the “school”. They are supervisors and facilitators of progress and monitors of procedure. ViewPoint teachers provide curriculum, determine final grades and maintain records through relationships established through the parents.


  • Adequate WIFI and internet speeds
    • Internet filtering
      • Require specific software on individual devices
      • Router-based devices for the entire network
  • Room or rooms for designated use
  • Tables, chairs, desks, etc. that will accommodate desired number of participants
  • Cleaning routine, janitorial services, and safe practices
  • Church use policy/statement that addresses use of the building by church members or outside groups.


  • Child Abuse Prevention Policy rules implementation and oversight
  • Set the schedule for building availability
    • Determine days of week
      • 5-days per week
      • Hybrid
      • Weekly
    • Determine hours of availability for days used
  • Supplement with educational enhancements
    • Bible Classes/Chapel Services
    • Field Trips
    • Extra-curricular
      • Art
      • Music
      • Athletics
  • Determine fee schedule or dues if applicable
    • Determine building use costs
    • Determine paid staffing vs. volunteer scenarios
    • Material fees for any extracurricular activities offered

Program Advantages

Learning Pods and Centers utilizing ViewPoint Christian Academy’s program includes the following advantages:

  • Full scope and sequence of all core subjects made available that ensure consistency and thoroughness in learning.
  • Parents and any responsible adults will receive training in how to successfully implement our self-instructional curriculum. 
  • Students enrolled in our online curriculum program will have the option of teacher-assisted interaction (grading of essays, projects, etc. and teacher messaging system) from ViewPoint during our regular school hours, which decreases the workload of the responsible adults overseeing the learning center. ViewPoint’s teacher-assisted program is NOT tutoring or one-on-one instruction.
  • 4-day work week options leave plenty of opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities and other important family responsibilities and events.
  • Kindergarten center discounts are available.
  • Continued training opportunities for center/pod coaches and leaders available.

*****Disclaimer:  ViewPoint is not responsible for any interactions between students, parents, coaches, tutors, or any other persons that may be involved in a learning pod or center and cannot be held liable for such. ViewPoint is not directly involved in the establishment, administration, or daily interactions of any learning pods or centers. ViewPoints role is limited to singular involvement with enrolled families in providing our curriculum and support for students’ education. *************************************************

Learning Center Budgeting Considerations

Estimate of Costs

Technology Considerations*
Hi-Speed InternetCost varies
Security of filter technology: Router based or individual device requirementsCosts vary
Chromebooks/DevicesCosts vary
Legal protection considerations (membership in HSLDA, CLA, NCLL, ADF, etc.)Monthly or annual donation/fee
Furniture considers
Adequate tables and chairs to meet needsApproximately $35/student
Student desks/workstationsApproximately $60/student
Coaches Desks/WorkstatioinsApproximately $200/coach
Decour ConsiderationsApproximately $100 annually
Extra-Curricular Considerations
Art Supplies$300-$500 annually
Athletic Equipment initial investment$300
Field TripsAt cost to families