Biblical Worldview Statement

ViewPoint Christian Academy believes that education equals discipleship. The education that a child receives is determinative of the worldview that they will develop. ViewPoint seeks to empower parents to provide their children with a Christian education that will build a Biblical worldview into their lives by providing them with tools to this end. ViewPoint utilizes only the highest-quality Christian curriculums that conform to our Biblical worldview as stated below. ViewPoint’s director, Dr. Adam Rondeau, describes this statement in this video.


Biblical Worldview: We uphold the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Scriptures and defend the inerrancy of the Bible and acknowledge its absolute truth and authority in the believer’s life. It is through the lens of the Scriptures that students are encouraged to view all of life. This is affirmed in all subjects of our curriculum but is particularly emphasized in our Bible curriculum and specifically in our high school Foundations for Living course.

Biblical Creationist Worldview: We believe and teach that God created the universe in six literal days as proclaimed in the Scriptures (Genesis 1 & 2). We embrace and practice true science while recognizing the distinctions between observational and historical science. We emphasize the accuracy of the origin of the universe by the design of the Creator. This is specifically affirmed in both our Science and Bible curriculum

Pro-Life Worldview: We believe that man is created in the image of God and that life begins at conception and must be honored from that point until natural death. This is affirmed in our Science, Bible and Health curriculum.

Watch ViewPoint’s production Pro-Life Generation.

Biblical Sexuality Worldview: We believe in the original design of gender and marriage between one man and one woman for life as related in Genesis 1 and 2. We seek to encourage our students that God ordained their gender at birth for “such a time as this”. We seek to elevate the beauty of God’s marriage design and the honor of the marriage relationship between man and woman. “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled:..” (Hebrews 13:4). This is specifically affirmed in our high school Health and Bible curriculum.

Christian Patriotic Worldview: We seek to remain faithful to the accurate representation of the Judeo-Christian American heritage and seek to inspire patriotism within our students. This is specifically affirmed in our Social Studies and History and Geography curriculums.

Fulfilling the Great Commission: The Great Commission issued by Christ before His ascension commands the believers to go and make disciples of all nations. This generational mission can only be accomplished through believers that are equipped to understand and effectively transfer the truths of a Biblical worldview. This requires the ability to successfully use logic and statistics as well as finely tuned communications skills. ViewPoint equips and prepares our students to effectively strategize and communicate for this endeavor through our Math and English Language Arts courses. Our mathematics equip students to use the logic of the Creator and to find solutions to real-world situations. Our English language equips the student with excellent written communication skills. We also offer specific high school electives (i.e., Fundamentals of Communication, Music Theory, foreign languages, etc.) that provide targeted training in communication skills so that our students can go into all the world and be equipped to share the Gospel and the Scriptures with the world through a cohesive Biblical worldview.