Academic Coach Add-On Program

For those students and families that need extra accountability and support we offer our Academic Coach Add-On Program. This program is designed for either our paper or online programs and will provide 1 hour per week of academic coaching from a qualified academic coach. This hour is scheduled with the coach and may be used in one full block or in two half-hour segments at the beginning and end of the week (recommended). The coach will review the students assignments for the week and help develop a schedule of goals and accomplishments for the week as well as help hold them accountable for their accomplishments.

The program will run for 36 weeks from August/September through May/June and will follow ViewPoint’s academic calendar of weeks off.

What is an academic coach? An academic coach is an individual that is experienced and trained in motivating students to achieve their best within the framework of a self-instructional curriculum. While they are experienced in assisting students within the curriculum and understand the material covered, they are not a teacher or tutor. They will help the student to be successful as they work through the program by offering study tips, scheduling suggestions, weekly plans, etc. Parents will also be able to draw from their experience and insight. They can help the students move from where they are, to where they want to be by the end of the year.

Cost for this program is $180.00 per quarter (9-week segment) and the charge is the same regardless of whether the families utilize the service for all 9 weeks or only part of the time. This charge entitles the family to one hour of coaching per week as scheduled with the assigned coach. Additional time may be purchased if desired. 

If you are interested in the Academic Coaching program please contact us for information and to get started.

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