High School

High School Graduation Requirements

ViewPoint Christian Academy maintains a high-quality and demanding high school academic program.  While predominately a college preparatory program we offers three courses of study for high school students.  These are the basic graduation requirements, although the concept of individualization is still maintained. Here is a list of graduation requirements for the three main courses of study offered.

§  Honors Course of study requires a minimum of 27 credits and an average of 90% or higher (4.0 GPA). 

§  College Preparatory Course of study must receive a minimum of 25 credits.

§  General Course of study requires a minimum of 23 credits to graduate. 

Each high school level course that consists of 12 PACEs or 10 Ignitia units and earns the student one credit. Courses that consist of 6 PACEs or 5 Ignitia units earn the student ½ credit.

 Download Course of Study sheets to see requirements for graduation.