National Association of Private Schools  Accredited       

The word accredit is related to the same root word as credible, or believable.  An accredited institution, therefore, is one that can be believed.  It has earned the approval of those who know it.  ViewPoint is fulfilling its stated purpose with integrity and excellence.  ViewPoint is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools. 

High School Graduation requires subject completion based on the Graduation Requirements of the State of  Massachusetts.  Academy graduates have entered the workforce, private business, military service, have been accepted by colleges and universities from around the United States, all branches of the military, and are eligible for college scholarships.

Accreditation reflects a school’s trustworthiness for quality education 

ViewPoint strives to provide those enrolled with an exceptional educational program.  It is for this reason the Academy makes every effort to meet or exceed state and national educational guidelines for grade school through high school.

Transfers to other accredited schools

Students entering back into a state-accredited public school or other private schools from ViewPoint Christian Academy may be tested by the receiving school to determine if he/she should be placed in the desired grade level, or if certain credits may be transferred to the receiving school. Public Schools are not required to accept credits from schools not accredited by the state or regional accrediting agencies. ViewPoint students have never reported any work or credits being rejected by other institutions.

For additional information concerning re-entry into the public school system or transfer to another private school, call our office and ask to speak to the administrator.

College Entrance

 ViewPoint graduates have been accepted at scores of colleges and universities across the United States. A partial listing of these is available here. Staff will assist in supplying need transcripts and records upon request.