Author: Dr. Rondeau

Author: Dr. Rondeau

Learning Pods
Image November 8, 2020 Uncategorized Dr. Rondeau

ViewPoint Christian Academy offers a solid academic program integrated with the Scriptures and that is steeped in a Biblical/Christian worldview. Our individualized and mastery-based approach makes our program completely adaptable to the student’s needs and family circumstances. While many schools and families are experiencing uncertainty, ViewPoint can help Christian families experience academic success. ViewPoint is

Failure is not an Option
Image September 28, 2020 Academic,Monday Moments Dr. Rondeau

In April of 1970, Apollo 13 blasted off into outer space with a mission.  However, along the way, they began to have mechanical difficulties and radioed back to the flight control center, “Houston, we have a problem.”  The lives of three astronauts were on the line.  They would die if NASAs engineers could not figure

Grading Rubric
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ViewPoint Christian Academy has established a rubric with basic criteria for all written submission in Ignitia. This rubric is also useful for those utilizing our paper-based curriculum. These general guidelines world in conjunction with the specified guidelines for each individual assignment. Parents and students should reference this regularly for written assignments to maximize their final

Incorporating Extra-Curricular Activities
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This week’s Monday Moment focuses on incorporating extra-curricular classes/activities into your at-home program. Watch as Dr. Adam Rondeau discusses options for doing so and remember that it is important to inspire your children to explore and utilize the talents that God has given them. Here are the recommended resources listed by Dr. Rondeau in the

Diagnostic/Placement Testing
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ViewPoint Christian Academy’s individualized and mastery-based program relies upon accurate diagnostic/placement testing. To assist the families with this process, some instructions are provided here. General Principals of Placement Testing Placement tests are not a part of the student’s overall grade average are not included as grades on their permanent record or transcript. In this way

Education = Discipleship
Image June 4, 2020 Article Dr. Rondeau

In the Scriptures, education equates to discipleship. The education that our children receive is their discipleship for life. Sadly, so much of modern education has sought to sterilize itself from religious influence. In America it isconsidered “unconstitutional” to read the Bible and pray in public schools. This has ravaged the education that so many have

Advantages of Schooling Online from Home
Image May 24, 2020 Article,Homeschool Dr. Rondeau

The following is an essay written by ViewPoint Christian Academy high school student, Cassandra Penny. She makes some great points about the advantages of online homeschooling. This article was written by Cassie for an English assignment and is published here with her and her parent’s permission. Different forms of homeschooling have been used for centuries.

COVID-19 Homeschooling Newsletter
Image April 7, 2020 Newsletter Dr. Rondeau

by Dr. Adam Rondeau on April 6, 2020  Nearly the entire United States of America is finding themselves in the position of having to homeschool their children. Let me encourage you with this thought. THIS IS A GOOD THING. It is God’s original design and intent that the parents be in charge of their children’s

Our Response to Coronavirus
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Our world is being inundated with the coronavirus at this time. Many are afraid of this disease. At ViewPoint, we are not fearful. We want to be faithful. The students have learned that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but rather of power, love and the ability to stay rational in the

Why Use our Distance Program?
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With over 200 course and subject options, your child’s academic career can be formed around their interest and dreams without sacrificing core content and material. Why is our program different than others? From an accredited school, our bible-based, individualized curriculum is tailor-fit to your needs. Our mastery-based approach lets students take the time they need