Diagnostic/Placement Testing
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ViewPoint Christian Academy’s individualized and mastery-based program relies upon accurate diagnostic/placement testing. To assist the families with this process, some instructions are provided here.

General Principals of Placement Testing

  1. Placement tests are not a part of the student’s overall grade average are not included as grades on their permanent record or transcript. In this way they are “ungraded”. 
  2. The grade on the testing that the student receives is an indicator to the teacher of the student’s academic levels.
  3. In order to accurately gauge the student results for placement students should NOT receive assistance in completing the placement tests. Questions relating to clarification of instructions are fine, but this is not a teaching or learning opportunity. It is an assessment.
  4. Students will often come across material that they have not learned or do not remember. It is OK for them to put their most “educated” guess in such instances. Teachers are monitoring these assessments and they are able to discern when a student has reached a level of material that is too difficult for them or beyond their educational experience and will take appropriate action in this regard.
  5. Placement testing is divided into three components: Math, English/Language Arts, Reading/Comprehension and Spelling (paper curriculum only).

Ignitia Placement Testing

Ignitia placement testing is conducted within ViewPoint’s own online learning environment and our teachers are able to view student answers and monitor the details of their progress directly. Each student will receive their own unique login information and will only have direct access to the curriculum that has been assigned to them.

Paper Curriculum Testing

Students enrolled in our paper curriculum program will complete their testing online as well, but in a website hosted by the curriculum provider (Accelerated Christian Education). A paper testing option is available for parents that desire it, but it will result in a much slower processing period before students will receive their curriculum (approximately 2 – 4 weeks extra). A video tutorial of this online testing program is available here: https://youtu.be/RcORJKFuAhU

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