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ViewPoint Christian Academy offers a solid academic program integrated with the Scriptures and that is steeped in a Biblical/Christian worldview. Our individualized and mastery-based approach makes our program completely adaptable to the student’s needs and family circumstances. While many schools and families are experiencing uncertainty, ViewPoint can help Christian families experience academic success. ViewPoint is also fully prepared to assist local churches in helping their children and we believe that a learning pod that utilizes ViewPoint’s curriculum could be of great value to families and churches.

Learning Pod Program

The mission of a learning pod using the ViewPoint program is to assist families in providing a safe and reliable Christian education during times in which full and reliable access to school buildings is not possible by providing tools and resources for creating a small, local learning environment.

Program description: 

  • A learning pod is a collective of families that collaborate in the education of their children. It is not a school, but rather a learning center which allows the children from more than one family to do their work together. This collaboration is very effective for families with two working parents and those families that would benefit from the group support it provides. 

How ViewPoint’s program works in a learning pod:

  • Parents will need to enroll each individual child in ViewPoint Christian Academy which will provide diagnostic analysis for each student and an individualized curriculum placement based on the student and not the age or grade level.
  • ViewPoint will provide curriculum implementation training not only for the parents but also for any responsible adults overseeing the student’s learning.
  • ViewPoint Christian Academy’s established program of individualized and mastery-based instruction utilizes self-instructional curriculums. This is very conducive to learning pods as it allows students in various levels of instruction to complete their work in the same setting or room independently and without distracting each other.


  • Full scope and sequence of all core subjects made available that ensure consistency and thoroughness in learning.
  • Parents and any responsible adults will receive training in how to successfully implement our self-instructional curriculum. 
  • Students enrolled in our online curriculum program will have the option of teacher-assisted instruction from ViewPoint during our regular school hours, which decreases the workload of the responsible adults overseeing the learning pod.
  • 4-day work week options leave plenty of opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities and other important family responsibilities and events.
  • Single quarter or semester options available.
  • Kindergarten pod discounts are available.
  • Monthly training sessions/seminars for pod leaders. These sessions would be developed based on feedback from the pod leaders and provide specific training in areas of need. Trainers would be highly experienced Christian educators that would be able to give general principles for application as well as address specific questions and needs of the audience.

If you think ViewPoint’s program would be of benefit to you and the families in your church and/or community please reach out to us.

*****Disclaimer:  ViewPoint is not responsible for any interactions between students, parents, tutors, or any other persons that may be involved in a learning pod and cannot be held liable for such. ViewPoint is not directly involved in the establishment, administration, or daily interactions of any learning pods. ViewPoints role is limited to singular involvement with enrolled families in providing our curriculum and support for students’ education.*********************************************************************************

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