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Ask any contractor or mechanic and they will tell you that having the right tool for the job is of vital importance. The same is true for students. Having the right school supplies is a must to getting the job done and being successful. Here is a guide to help parents and students adequately prepare for the first day of school and to have the right supplies.

The Basics

Some tools are just essential to getting the job done. Here is a list of what every student should have the first day of school:

  • A Bible
  • Pencils (at least a dozen to start)
  • Erasers (at least 2 not connected to pencil to start with)
  • Pens (only black or blue ink and at least 2)
  • Paper (a five-subject notebook or multiple color-coded notebooks are recommended)
  • Pencil box for organizing supplies
  • Folder/3-ring binder
  • Personal headphone set. The technology our curriculum utilizes has many audio/video elements that will enhance the student learning experience and will require that they have a reliable set of headphones for use every day.

The Tools of the Trade

In addition to the basic necessary supplies here are some very important supplies that may not be used every day, but will be frequently required.

  • Ruler
  • Crayons
  • Colored Pencils (a preferred option for grades 5 and higher)
  • Glue (All-purpose white glue or glue stick)
  • Scissors
  • Calculator (Level 6 math and higher)
  • Compass and protractor (grades 5 and higher)
  • Graph paper (highly recommend for all students especially those struggling with aligning their numbers in math and often required for high school math courses)

Additional Recommended Supplies

Here are some recommended tools that students may find useful in helping with our new technology implementation.

  • USB mouse. This may be more ergonomic for students than using a touchpad mouse throughout the day.
  • Blue light blocking glasses. For parents concerned about extended screen time, glasses that filter out the blue light from screens are available and may be utilized by students during their work time.

Getting the job done right requires the right tool for the right job. The same is true for students. Please use this list as a helpful guide as you make your purchases.

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