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August 8, 2019 Comments Off on Student Computers Practical Dr. Rondeau

Changes bring challenges. The curriculum transition at ViewPoint to a technology-driven program may raise concerns about student safety on the internet. These challenges and concerns have been considered and we are taking steps to safeguard our school and students.

The curriculum provider (Alpha Omega Publishers) is a reputable Christian company that carefully monitors the content of their curriculum. However, they do not control the internet and when students have access to the internet they must also be protected. With this in mind, ViewPoint has made an investment into a router-based security system that will block and filter harmful internet items. We are using CyberSitter Black to this end. If you are interested in more information about this you may visit

This technology will help provide protections while the students are at school, however, it will not go home with them or provide any protections on their mobile data usage. Internet concerns for parents are HUGE and can seem overwhelming. ViewPoint highly recommends accountability software usage for your family. There is a multitude of options available in this area (CyberSitter, NetNanny, Accountable2U, Covenant Eyes, etc.) and we highly recommend that you implement such technology as a strategy for your family. For more information on the importance of this kind of monitoring for your children please read this article from Focus on the Family:

While students may be allowed to use personal computers at school to complete their work, prudence demands certain stipulations. While their are definite benefits to using a familiar machine, there will be some requirements and restrictions placed upon their usage on school grounds. These will include the requirement of adequate security software installed to protect the integrity of the school’s network as well as a prohibition on video games and personal music and videos on school grounds. If the students are mature enough to submit to these and other learning center practices then they will be given the liberty to use a personal machine.

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