Fantastic Friday’s
September 5, 2019 Comments Off on Fantastic Friday’s Newsletter Dr. Rondeau

Fantastic Friday’s are beginning September 6, at ViewPoint. Fantastic Friday are an opportunity for the students to experience extra-curricular programs at the school. Several different activities/classes are being planned for the year. The main requirement for students to participate in these activities is that they be current in their academic requirements. Students that are behind will need to remain in the Learning Center to catch up.

Students should wear their PE uniform as there will be a PE class on Fridays.


Hot Lunch will be available for the students to purchase every Friday beginning September 6.  All proceeds from lunch will go toward blessing the students.  Submit your orders on the Parent Portal with ease. (Simple directions are available here.) The menu is as follows:

1 Cheese Slice—$3.00

1 Pepperoni Slice 3.50

1 Cheese slice & can of soda—$3.50

1 Pepperoni  slice & can of soda—$4.00

2 Cheese slices & can of soda—$6.00

2 Pepperoni slices & can of soda—$7.00


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